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Simple Corn Pack for Stress Relief

Sore Muscles, Aches, Pains and Stress Are Gone. Try This Natural DIY Comfort Pack

One thing we all have in common is life. Sometimes we get those curve balls that stress us out, or hurt us! One handy tool to always have prepared is a Simple Corn Pack. I say simple not only because ... [Read This]

Wheaties Metal Magnets

They Looked Into This Popular Breakfast Cereal. This is What They Found…

Wheaties breakfast cereal contains so much metal fragments that the flakes could be lifted and carried away by using ordinary magnets, according to an investigation conducted by the Forensic Food Lab ... [Read This]

Natural Colic Remedy

Natural Colic Remedy: Safe, Effective and Comforting

Every mother has high emotions after the birth of a new baby. No matter what your pregnancy and delivery experience is, it is like music to your ears when you hear your little love cry for the first ... [Read This]



How To Clean Your Stove’s Exhaust Hood Filter

  Most people don't even notice when their stove's exhaust filter needs a cleaning. After all, it's not like they can actually see or smell the exhaust that's coming out the other side. But as ... [Read This]


25 Ways To Naturally Clean With Salt

Salt is one of those things that you can pretty much find anywhere, whether it's a college student's dorm room, a young professional's apartment, or the homemaker's 2-story, 4-bedroom house. Not only ... [Read This]

DIY Firelighters

Homemade Scented Firelighters

  Firestarters are usually a guy's best friend, especially if they've got friends over and they're about to grill stuff. However, did you know that you can jazz up your firestarter, and even ... [Read This]

Herbs and More

Herbs That Boost Blood Flow

Bad Circulation? You Need These Powerful Herbs

Heart disorders claim the lives of millions worldwide every year, and statistics are pointing out to how the numbers are increasing. Our poor diet, unhealthy lifestyles and sedentary work is to blame; ... [Read This]


Benefits Of Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is one of the greatest plants out there, whether you're a botanist, an amateur gardener, or someone who wants to bring a little more green and clean into their lives. If you're a botanist, ... [Read This]

Herbs That Boost Your Brain and Mind

These Herbs Boost Your Brain

The occurrence of psychological and mental illnesses is on a rise today, and millions of people around the world are getting affected by conditions like Parkinson’s disease, eating disorders, ... [Read This]

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