Healthy Marshmallows

Updated: September 7, 2013

Healthy Marshmallows

Now, who doesn’t like marshmallows? These soft, chewy treats are very popular among kids nowadays. However, if you want to promote a healthy lifestyle to your kids, there is actually an alternative to these sweet, sugary snacks.

Your kids’ snacks can be easily boosted with vitamins and minerals, just as long as you make it from scratch. Imagine, you can make homemade marshmallows that are boosted with probiotics!

If you are not familiar with probiotics, these are live bacteria that boost the immune and digestive system. There is no need to nag your kids to drink their vitamins before sleeping because you can easily feed them these marshmallow snacks that can benefit their overall well-being.

Making marshmallows can be quite tricky, but anyone can do it with the right equipment. You will need a few ingredients such as gelatin, marshmallow root, honey, capsules of probiotic, flavor of your choice and water.

These marshmallows can also be given as a gift to your friends. Just stuff a jar with these treats and decorate it with ribbons and stickers. You can also make these marshmallows in different shapes and colors. Make sure to properly grease your cutter in order to make a perfect shape.

The possibilities are endless when making these homemade healthy marshmallow snacks. You can even tell your kids to help you make them because it is surprisingly easy to do. You see, eating desserts or munching on snacks does not need to be unhealthy. Always explore your options and alternatives, and give your kids the nutrients they deserve! Instead of giving your kids those snacks that are full of preservatives, just make them healthy and delicious snacks that they will surely enjoy.

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