Herbs That Reduce Pain

Updated: August 17, 2013


You’ve most likely experienced serious pain at some point in your life. Chronic pain in particular can be debilitating and cause sleepless nights. Pain lasting at least 6 months affects some 50 to 80 million adults in America and costs more than $100 billion in healthcare expenditures. 

Whether chronic or acute, mild or severe, pain can be a symptom of something more serious. Repeatedly ignoring pain can lead to more lethal consequences affecting your immunity, liver and kidney function. Resorting to common painkillers however like Ibuprofen can cause more painóboth in your budget and in other areas of your body. Continued dependence on medications isn’t cheap and also puts you more at risk for side effects like gastrointestinal and liver failure.

Conversely, you will be relieved to know there are several herbs considered beneficial for natural pain relief: Nature has provided ways to combat pain whether to reduce inflammation or stimulate the brain’s healing mechanism. 

Check out these 10 herbs that reduce pain…

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image source: herbs-info.com