Essential Oil Flea Repellant Spray Recipe

Updated: May 10, 2013

Dog Essentail Oil Flea Spray

Most dog owners consider their pets to be a part of the family. Their dog’s health is just as important to them as any other member of the family. To keep a pet happy and healthy a lot of time and money is invested. A good pet owner will be careful to make sure their pet has proper vet care, up to date shots, the right food and any specialized care they may need over the course of their life. Sometimes, though, even the best efforts can be undermined by something as small as a flea.

We all know that fleas are an annoying part of dog ownership. Few people realize, however, the actual health risk that fleas can pose to your furry family members. Because fleas feed off the blood of your pet, over time repeated flea bites can result in anemia. If you consider that one flea can bite your pet hundreds of times in a single day, you can understand how eventually this will affect the hemoglobin levels of your animal. Signs of anemia in your pet would include pale gums and listlessness.

Tapeworms are another health risk posed by fleas. Fleas can eat tapeworm larva. If your dog happens to ingest a flea while chewing at a flea bite then he is at risk of developing tapeworms. Any pet owner can tell you that dealing with tape worms is an expensive and emotional event in the life of your pet.

So it is obvious that dog owners should do their best to keep their pet free of fleas. A trip to your local pet supply store will reveal many products for flea control. There are sprays, lotions, shampoos, powders and special collars. However, you will also read on each of these products how dangerous they are to humans and children in particular. That is unsettling. If the substances are so dangerous how can they be safe for your pet? Truth is they probably are not. However, you are not limited to these harsh chemical solutions. There are safer, less expensive, all natural ways to help your pet stay healthy and free of these annoying pests.

Improve Immune System

A first line of defense against fleas is to work from the inside out. Fleas are actually attracted to less healthy animals. Insects are attracted to poor immune systems and low nutrient levels in animals. Addressing your dog’s diet and over all heath can go a long way to controlling fleas. You can also customize your dog’s diet to make his blood unappealing to fleas. Combining a small amount of garlic into your dog’s food will knock him off the flea’s favorite restaurant list.

If fleas have begun to show up in your dog’s environment then you can trap them by placing a bowl of soapy water near the area where they sleep. Place a night light over the bowl. The fleas will be attracted to the light and then trapped into the soapy water.

Most pet owners will find that they will need to use some sort of topical flea repellant as well. There is a natural alternative for that also. Fleas are easily repelled by certain essential oils. Lavender, peppermint, lemon grass, and spearmint can work wonders when combined into your own homemade flea spray.

How To Make Essential Oil Flea Spray

To make the spray mix 5 drops of each oil into 8 ounces of purified water. You should mix the solution in a dark colored spray bottle as this will ensure the integrity of the oils over a period of time. To keep the oils from simply rising to the top of the water, you should mix it with a vegetable glycerin. This will make all of the ingredients mix easily.

You can spray your pet with this solution every time they go out. You want to spend many happy years with your dog. Controlling the fleas will do a lot to making this goal a reality.