Homemade, Natural Non-Toxic Bug Spray

Updated: March 6, 2013

Homemade, Natural Non-Toxic Bug Spray

Quick, what’s the most deadly animal in the world? If you’ve answered shark, snake, or spider, you’re way off in terms of size and number of kills. The deadliest animal in the world in terms of number killed is actually the mosquito.

While sharks, snakes, and spiders have killed many people, that’s small potatoes compared to the millions that have died from dengue and malaria; two diseases that mosquitoes transfer through their bites.

You can protect yourself from mosquito bites by just making these simple and easy sprays at home! By using natural ingredients, you can lessen the chance of allergy (a lot of people are allergic to DEET, the chemical ingredient to many mosquito repellents).

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image source: deliciouswife.com

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