How To Naturally Melt Ice On Your Path

Updated: December 7, 2013

how to naturally melt ice on your path

For little kids winter can be so much fun because they get to play and enjoy the snow around. However, for working adults this can be a big problem especially if you get lots of ice in your driveway. You could spend forever shovelling the snow and finding out the next day that your driveway is covered again with thicker snow. To prevent this hazard to you and your family, you should learn ways on how you can naturally melt ice on your path.

There are many ice melting products that you can find in the market these days, but these products contain chemicals which can be harmful to the environment. To protect our environment, we should opt for natural means in melting ice.

Rock salt

Rock salt or sodium chloride is the least expensive item you can use to melt ice. Just sprinkle a handful of salt on your pathway and the ice would melt. You can even sprinkle salt to prevent ice from forming. Salt keeps water in its liquid form thus preventing it from forming into a solid ice.

Remember that you can’t use salt on metal surfaces because it can cause corrosion. You can’t also use too much since salt can affect the growth of vegetation or plants in the area. So make sure you are not leaving too much residue when sprinkling it on pathways.

Sugar Beet Juice

You can apply sugar beet juice even before ice formation. The juice makes the freezing point of water lower than 32 degrees Fahrenheit. It can also be used even after a snow storm because it gradually melts ice into liquid. A glass of beet juice can do just the trick. You can even use it in different areas of your home.


By mixing equivalent amounts of vinegar and water you can produce a less potent deicer. If the ice is very thick combine 40 percent water and 60 percent vinegar. Pour the mixture on iced surfaces and ice will slowly turn to liquid.

Ones the ice has already melted using these simple items, make sure that shovel snow immediately after snow storm to prevent it from forming into hard ice. This way, you can get away from dealing with slippery and dangerous path for you and your family’s safety.

Let us be concerned with our environment by starting to use eco-friendly items in our day to day lives. Doing some research and comparing one item from the other could surely save you a few bucks without sacrificing the welfare of our surroundings.

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