Make Your Own Herbal Feminine Wash

Updated: December 22, 2013

Homemade Herbal Intimate Wash Recipe - How to Make DIY Natural Feminine Soap

Ladies, don’t you just hate “those” days? Not only do you get the weirdest cravings, most unpredictable mood swings, and hot flashes, but you also get that sticky, icky feeling that you’ll probably give anything to not feel. Most supermarket products are pretty expensive, and it’ll really eat up your budget to keep buying them.

Make sure you stay clean and fresh even during those red letter days with this easy, quick, and simple herbal feminine wash. It’s very mild, but at the same time, smells awesome and will keep you feeling even more awesome through your whole day.

Visit the blog below to learn how to make your own feminine wash at home:

>> Make Your Own Herbal Feminine Wash


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