Natural Ways to Kill Household Bugs

Updated: October 30, 2013

All-Natural Ways to Kill Household Bugs

It is the middle of the night, and you are lying on your bed thinking about getting up and having a glass of water. As soon as you get out, you are greeted with some hairy legged bugs! How many of us haven’t jumped and screamed at the sight of spiders and cockroaches? So what can be done to get rid of these irritating bugs? You don’t have to run to the nearest store and get a bunch of expensive pesticides. Moreover, spraying harmful chemicals to get rid of the bugs may not be a good idea, especially if there are children around at your home. Fortunately, there are other solutions to make sure that these nasty little bugs stay away from your home. One of the solutions may just be sitting in your kitchen! Yes, that’s right, rather than spraying harmful chemicals, it is safer to take a look in your kitchen and see what you can find to kill these bugs. Here are few things that can be useful:


If your kitchen is swarming with ants, worry no more! Get some cornmeal! Since cornmeal is such an attractive food to the ants you can trap them by using cornmeal. When ants consume cornmeal, they will not be able to keep it down. So your ants will eat the cornmeal with glee, carry it off, and feed the other ants. The ants will soon die and there you have your revenge!


Wondering what good garlic can be when it comes to getting rid of insects? You will be surprised to find out how effective garlic can be in deterring bugs! Since ants and cockroaches are common bugs, try spreading out some garlic cloves on the spot where you have seen the insects. These insects will have to think twice before appearing in your home again. Remember to replace the cloves though when they dry out.

Vegetable oil

Pick a simple dish to trap bugs like earwigs and silverfish. Pour some vegetable oil in the dish and then watch the spectacle play out. The poor insects will not be able to climb out once they are into the dish!

Boric acid

Another useful ingredient to kill bugs is the boric acid. Mix some boric acid with flour; scatter them to the spots where you spotted the insects. The insects will not be able to resist the mixture. They will eat the flour and slowly die.


It’s an everyday situation. Mosquitoes and flies come out of nowhere to disrupt your precious afternoon naps! Worry no more. Basil leaves are there to help you out! Grab a few leaves and put them on your doorways or window panes. They sure will repel the ugly flies!

Cayenne pepper

You can use this on the bugs which are attracted to plants. Take a spray bottle, mix water with pepper, and add soap. Spray this mixture on the plants. Within 24 hours, the bugs will disappear.

Eucalyptus oil

The best feature of this oil is that it is non-toxic and has a nice fragrance. To use this oil, mix it with water and spray it on bugs when you see them. The bugs will slowly disappear.

Sticky candy

This is a trap made with sticky candy for trapping mice. You can use gumdrops and taffy as they are sweet and sticky. If you have children roaming around, make sure they are out of the way.

Diatomaceous Earth

Many people haven’t heard of DE, but it is very useful for killing household bugs and garden pests. Search for food-grade DE which is safe to use all over the house.


You can use mist white distilled vinegar around food to put an end to bug problems once and for all.

Moreover, the best way to deter bugs is prevent them from invading your home. Do not scatter food around the floor. Keeping pet food on the floor is also not a good potion. If there are any cracks in the house, fix it soon so that the bugs cannot enter. For best results, choose the above different ways to deter bugs multiple times. With these cheap and easy methods, you are bound to get rid of the bugs!

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