How to Melt Ice Fast and Naturally

melt ice fast and naturally

During winter, almost everyone deals with frosted or frozen car window, particularly if you don’t have a garage at home. This can be very frustrating especially since you have to handle this problem day after day during winter.


The moment you get information that snow storm is coming, cover the windows of your car with newspapers right away. Secure the newspaper on the windshield with the use of the wipers. This may seem a very simple thing to do but this could greatly help in preventing your car windows from getting frosted.

You can also use towel or bed sheet to cover windows at night to avoid the formation of snow or ice. Carefully lift the towel the following day. The residual frost could just be easily removed.

Ordinary Cold Water

Water that is warmer than the ice can be used when removing frost. Just pour the water on the area and it will loosen the ice making it easier to scrape off from the windows. You can place the water in a spray bottle so you can spray it easily while you are scraping off ice.

Although it is important to use water slightly warmer than the ice, you should bare in mind not to use hot water because the sudden change in temperature can crack your car window.

Water and Vinegar

Make a solution using 1 part water and 3 parts vinegar. Place this solution in a spray bottle for easy application. Mix it well to ensure that the vinegar and water are mixed together. Then, evenly spray sufficient amount on frozen car windows and ice will gradually melt. Allow the solution to soak onto the car windows. Reapply the solution as needed until ice completely melts.

You can also spray the solution on car windows at night to prevent ice and frost from forming the morning after.

Alcohol and Water

This is one of the most effective window care deicer. Mix 2 parts rubbing alcohol and one part water in a spray bottle then mix thoroughly. You can also add 5 drops of dishwashing liquid to facilitate in the melting of the ice. Use this mixture the same way as you would use the vinegar and water solution. Spray adequate amount while scraping off ice from the car window.

Alcohol is a highly flammable substance so make sure you are away from sparks of flame when applying the solution.

These methods are some of the simplest yet very effective natural ways to prevent your car windows from freezing. To make these methods even easier, why not buy a spray bottle from amazon here


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