How To Naturally Repel Gnats

How To Naturally Repel Gnats

It is no secret that gnats are annoying. The buzzing alone is enough to drive you crazy. But there is also a distinct smell that comes with large swarms of gnats. Many people claim it reminds them of rotten fruit. Not attractive. Gnats are usually not satisfied with invading your outdoor living area, either. A swarm of gnats feel right at home buzzing over your fruit bowl as well. The last thing you need is a swarm of smelling, buzzing gnats distracting everyone from your lovely, summer gathering.

When it comes to pest control, many people instantly turn to harsh chemicals. Why? People usually purchase chemical bug repellants because it is easily available, and it’s what everyone else uses. But if you have concerns about harmful ingredients such as DEET around your pets and children, you should explore some more natural methods of gnat repellant. Few people realize how effective these natural remedies can be at ridding your yard of those pesky gnats.

Vinegar Soap

This is a great trick that attracts and then eliminates gnats. Fill a small dish with vinegar and then add a little dish soap. Because gnats are naturally attracted to the smell of vinegar they will be pulled right in. The residue of the soap will trap them into your dish, ending their days of annoying you. If you are hosting a party, or having over guests, make sure to replace the bowl often with fresh solution.

Pretty Plants

This tip can help repel gnats and beautify your yard at the same time. There are certain plants that gnats just absolutely hate. When strategically placed around your yard, you can insure fewer pests. Lavender is a beautiful, aromatic plant with a myriad of uses. Humans love it, gnats, not so much. The added bonus is that not only will you repel the gnats in your yard, but you can use lavender for cooking, decorating and aromatherapy uses. You can purchase a potted lavender plant from this page on Amazon to instantly benefit from lavender’s wonderful qualities.

Another lovely plant that the bugs will hate is lemon balm. This plant has a lovely scent that will be a great addition to any garden. One of the most aesthetically pleasing, bug repelling plants is the scented geranium. These repel gnats best growing in hanging planters along your porch or patio.

Lemon Oil


Often indoor gnats are attracted to sources of moisture. This really becomes a problem if you have indoor plants. When you water your plants you are basically inviting the gnats in for a visit. You can kick them right back out again with lemon oil. Gnats despise the scent of lemon. Lemon essential oil can be purchased from this page on Amazon. To use the oil, simply rub a good amount around the lip of each of your indoor planters. Alternatively, diffuse the oil in an essential oil diffuser to both repel gnats and also add a delightful citrusy freshness to your home.

Gnats are annoying, but harsh chemicals can be dangerous. Try these natural remedies to get rid of them safely.


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