3 Herbs That Help With Eczema

Updated: October 20, 2013

3 Herbs That Help With Eczema

The traditional herbalists all agree that the best way to use herbs is to apply them on the skin topically. However, others claim that they work even better if they are ingested.  Nonetheless, if you are affected by eczema, you may be looking for herbs that make eczema better, regardless of the way they work.

Witch hazel

Although witch hazel isn’t the trendiest herb possible, it does the trick. It is possible that you used it in a liquid form during your teenage years as a facial cleanser or even as an astringent. However, the numerous products that appeared on the market in the past few years made people forget all about it.

Nonetheless, some people didn’t give up on witch hazel and they did some studies regarding the herb. The specialists worked with 22 people who have been affected by eczema. They used non-steroidal anti-inflammatory products and witch hazel salve.

They had to use the products for 3 weeks. In the end the researchers have found that the cream did its job. On the other hand, witch hazel also worked and it made the symptoms of eczema like scaling, itching, and redness, better.


This is the favorite herbal remedy for eczema of many people. Back in the 1980s there has been a German study that involved 2,500 doctors who suggested their patients to use chamomile to treat their eczema. 95% of the patients claimed that they experienced positive effects and their skin condition got better.

There has been another study conducted as well in which 161 patients took part in. They had a rash on their arms, legs, forearms and lower legs. They used non-steroidal creams and chamomile products. As a result the researchers have found that chamomile works just as well as hydrocortisone.

In fact the study suggests that the herb for treating eczema may be even better than the over-the-counter products that a lot of people use.  Naturally this is something that could vary from one individual to the other.

St. John’s wort

Although this herb is best known for its ability to lift people’s spirit, you should also know that it is good for treating eczema as well. In one of the most recent studies, specialists compared the effects of the herb to the effects of a placebo cream. The patients applied the herbal cream to half of their body and the cream to the other half.

It is just natural that people thought the placebo helped them a bit, it was clear that the herbal remedy did a lot more to make their condition better. Nonetheless this doesn’t mean that the remedies made of this herb are better than the over-the-counter products.

As you can see, you don’t necessarily have to turn to medication every time you have a problem. It is possible that nature can offer you a better solution for your skin condition than any other product you could find. It might be a good idea to talk to your herbalist about this matter.

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