3 Herbs That Improve Circulation

Updated: October 20, 2013

3 Herbs That Improve Circulation

The truth is that there might be more people with poor circulation than you would think. Poor circulation is caused by the blood not flowing through the body fast enough. If you have problems of this kind you might be looking for herbs that improve circulation.

Cayenne pepper

Cayenne can be used for several purposes including in case of poor circulation, pains associated with lumbago and arthritis, and unbroken chilblains. Since this is one of the herbs that make circulation better, you could use liniments, capsicum based creams and cayenne infused oils. You should make sure to avoid the sensitive body part and the eyes.

This one of the circulation improving herbs acts by stimulating the heart, strengthening the capillaries and the arteries, and by regulating the blood flow. In case you would like to get your blood flowing, this is the herb to be looking for. You can take it in the form of liquid tincture or a capsule.

The good thing about this one of the e herbs that improves circulation is that it gets the blood flowing in your body, it clears the arteries, and it strengthens the heart. The studies suggest that the herb can increase the metabolic rate by 25%, helping you with weight loss.

Gongkobiloba as one of the 3 herbs that improve circulation

This is another circulation booster for you to be thinking about. The herb is known for its ability to improve people’s memory and it can also increase the blood flow to the brain. Some doctors use the herb to make varicose veins better.

Just like gingko, this one of the circulation improving herbs also strengthens the blood vessels and it improves the blood flow. Besides this, it has anti-inflammatory properties, makes the blood flow to the heart better, relaxes the lungs, and it can reduce the shortness of breath which is important for people with asthma.

You should know about this one of the herbs that improve circulation that it can help with thrombosis, poor circulation, cramps, varicose veins, and also spontaneous bruising.


Ginseng is also one of the three circulation improving herbs that improve the circulation of the extremities. It is suitable for the people suffering from erectile dysfunctions and other circulatory diseases. The effects of the herb have been proven by numerous studies in the field.

Besides all these, ginseng is also able to help with cardiovascular health by normalizing blood sugar levels and blood pressure. The herb is an ingredient of many natural pills and concoctions. You could think of it as magic pill that makes (almost) all your problems better.

Naturally these herbs that improve circulation aren’t the only ones that you could think about. No matter what herbs you are planning on using, you should make sure to discuss it with your primary health care provider first to make sure that they don’t do more harm than good to your health. Some of the herbs could have some unwanted and unforeseen side effects.

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