5 Best Herbal Teas for Digestive Problems

Updated: December 24, 2013

Best Medicinal Herbal Teas

For many people, a cup of tea is the best drink in the world, refreshing the body after a long hard day’s work, or as a beverage to accompany their meals of the day. Aside from these everyday reasons, people drink tea on a regular basis for a number of health benefits as well. Yes that is right, tea can be enjoyable and at the same time keep your body’s functions running smoothly also. For people who are suffering from any digestive problems such as indigestion, formation of gas, stomach aches or any other ailments, here are the 5 best herbal teas to combat these diseases.

  • Ginger Tea

One of the best teas to help relieve digestive problems is ginger tea, suggested by most herbal remedy experts as well as many senior individuals who have been using such small health treatments over the years. The best way to treat your digestive problem by ginger tea is by making the tea yourself, using fresh ginger roots, boiling it, crushing it up and then putting it in a tea strainer or tea ball. The freshness of the root is what will give you the best results. However, there are a number of ready-made tea mixtures that are designed for such specific healing, such as the Now Natural’s Ginger Digest Tea. It contains few of the best herbs and spices to maintain a healthy stomach such as liquorice root, fennel seed and of course ginger root. The best thing about this is that it contains no other impurities or elements such as caffeine, sugar, artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

  • Chamomile Tea

Chamomile is another herb that is known to help treat digestive problems, mostly because of its anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties it contains. This tea is also famous for being a calming drink, being able to reduce the stress carried by the body and help refresh the drinker, usually during periods of high anxiety. As it is slightly difficult to prepare your own chamomile tea, there is a number of chamomile tea mixtures sold in the market – for example the Celestial Seasonings Chamomile Tea. The only element in this mixture is the chamomile, which is responsible in giving the tea a hint of fruitiness to its flavour while also adding a rich and enticing aroma. However, when you don’t need to solve any digestive problems, the Celestial Seasonings Honey-Vanilla Chamomile Herbal Tea is great for every day drinking when looking to relax.

  • Peppermint Tea

The peppermint tea is one of the best solutions for gas related problems in the stomach, as it helps in expelling gas formed in the stomach while also calming the digestive system, reducing indigestion. This tea is also readily available in most department stores or in most grocers, such as the Celestial Seasonings Peppermint Tea. The best thing about this tea is the fact that the only ingredient in it is simply peppermint, and nothing else. This tea is highly recommended for those who enjoy the peppermint flavour as they are sure to love this little remedy.

  • Senna Tea

This final herbal tea solution is for those who aim to clear out their digestive system, loosen up congestion, relieve them from constipation and help their body achieve normal bowel movements. This is because senna is an old and widely used herb that is famous for its laxative properties. The best way to prepare this tea is by using the tea mixture from Traditional Medicinals. Their Smooth Move Senna Tea contains all the goodness from an entire senna leaf as well as other ingredients such as liquorice root, fennel fruit and some sweet organic orange peel. A word of caution when drinking this tea is to follow the instructions provided in the packaging very carefully, as the longer you steep the tea bag the stronger the drink becomes, and excess amounts of senna in the body can be unhealthy and even cause cramps.

As these are all natural remedies, they are quite healthy and safe for consumption. However, it is always best to seek the help of a doctor or an herbal professional as many ingredients presiding in these drinks may cause allergic reactions in the body. However if your body is suited to such drinks, you will surely feel their effects with every mug!